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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Average number of donations made to fundraising pages for UK based sporting & challenge events varies significantly by event type.

In the second of our two articles about donations to fundraising pages we look at the number of donations given to fundraising pages by the type of event. The analysis uses data from January 2009 to end August 2011 and comes from the fundraising pages of AltaContact’s charity customers including Kidney Research UK, Sue Ryder, Anthony Nolan and The Stroke Association.

Results for number of donations per fundraising page

Longer distance running events Iead the field with the London Marathon ahead by some distance. Fundraisers average over 40 donations per page. Walks bring up the tail with an average 9 donations per page.

Here’s the full table:


It’s interesting to speculate for the reasons. We suspect that there are two key factors. First fundraisers participating in difficult and respected fundraising events like the London Marathon are likely to spread their donation request nets very widely. Second the % of persons approached who actually give may be higher for events like the London Marathon compared to lesser known and less taxing events. The second point is particularly relevant for online donations where it is easier for potential donors to pick and choose the donation requests they will respond to. Simply potential donors don’t have the awkwardness of turning down a donation request in a face to face situation. 

Readers may recall the order of average values of donations discussed in the earlier AltaContact article.

It’s most striking that the order of type of event is almost identical for the two averages. As a reminder here is the table of average donations per fundraising event.


Again it’s interesting to speculate why this pattern occurs.

We suggest this reason. The harder the event the more justified fundraisers feel in asking for donations i.e. a donation is their reward for the effort of participating. And to explain the differential from the London Marathon to other marathons we think that fundraiser’s perception of the social respectability of asking for a donation for the London Marathon is much higher than for other marathon events. This argument can certainly be used to explain the difference between running a marathon, which may be a once in a lifetime event, compared to walking which can be done frequently throughout the day.

It’s also worth looking at the average fundraising return per fundraising page by event, using the two data tables.

Here are the results:


Fundraising and event managers may find that the totals are near the targets they have provided for event participants, which would also suggest that fundraising and event managers can have a strong influence over fundraising revenue.

Can fundraising and event managers use this data for future predictions of fundraising returns on events?

We think so. Knowing that a London Marathon fundraising page may return around £1400 and that a page for a walk may return around £150 is worthwhile. It gives an excellent base from which to try and increase the returns on the fundraising pages both in terms of number of donations and the average value of donations.

For the London Marathon a 10% increase alone in the average number and value of donations would increase the value of each fundraising page by £288.96. The average value of a page on a mass participation Walk would increase by £31.49. These could be targets worth pursuing.

If you have any questions please drop me a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 October 2011 )
Friday, 23 September 2011

Forecasting fundraising returns on UK based sporting & challenge events may be easier than you think.

The latest stats of online donations to personal fundraising pages show remarkable consistency.

We’ve combined data from charities like Kidney Research UK, Sue Ryder, Anthony Nolan and the Stroke Association who use our white label fundraising platform.

Marathons attract the highest level of donation. The highest profile marathon, the London Marathon scores best with £33.90 and non London Marathons average at £29.12.

At the lower end of donation values are walks (these are short/medium length walks ranging from around 5K to 15K) and zip slides which attract donations of £16.67 and £17.04 respectively.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 October 2011 )
Friday, 08 July 2011

Alzheimer's Society & Capita Corporate Microsite goes live

Alzheimer’s Society and it’s corporate partner Capita have launched a new charity event promotion and fundraising microsite built by us.

The corporate fundraising microsite is jointly branded with both Alzheimer’s Society and Capita's livery and comprises of:

  • one central place to promote the partnership and its aims
  • online fundraising, event promotion and online registration
  • personal & team fundraising pages with full online donation facilities
  • league tables to create friendly competition amongst fundraisers
  • social elements such as Facebook, Flickr and You Tube feeds to engage and entertain fundraisers
  • content management facilities to allow the partners to take ownership of the site and edit/update content
  • full, behind the scenes, online administration suite for charities and their partners to view and report progress to all stakeholders
Last Updated ( Friday, 23 September 2011 )
Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Stroke Association new look fundraising pages go live

With a host of new features and functionality our new look personal fundraising pages are geared up to help The Stroke Association provide their fundraisers with an engaging page to shout about the good work they are doing, and in turn raise more funds.

New features include:

  • Promotion of The Stroke Association Facebook App for fundraisers
    (we built an app that allows fundraisers to quickly and easily link their fundraising page to their facebook account, to widen the potential audience of donors)
  • Personalised 'Donate Now' button
  • Larger spaces for supporters images
  • News ticker that displays supporters messages from friends and family
  • A clear display of the fundraisers target and achievement to date
  • The ability to link other fundraising pages (eg if the fundraiser is part of a team)
  • The Stroke Associations Flikr feed to provide up to date imagery of all the goings on at the charity

All of which make for a more engaging page to encourage the fundraisers friends and family to get involved and donate.

Last Updated ( Friday, 08 July 2011 )
Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Stroke Association goes live on the FUSE™ online fundraising platform

The Stroke Association is trialling its own brand online fundraising pages as well as a new system for integrated event registration and fundraising page set up. The trial is across various fundraising events in the first half of 2011.

Speaking to AltaContact Jim Swindells, Director of Fundraising at The Stroke Association, said, “We’re pleased to be trialling two new concepts using your software platform. Firstly, we want to test our own brand fundraising pages which you have set up, especially as they allow us to have Stroke Association messaging going directly to our fundraisers and donors. Secondly, the integrated event registration and fundraising page set up will, we expect, increase the numbers of people using online Stroke Association fundraising pages. So the result should be an increase in our total fundraising revenue. We really appreciate your commitment to our brand and helping us in keeping all Stroke Association communication consistent. We look forward to success and rolling out Stroke Association fundraising pages for all fundraising occasions.”

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 May 2011 )
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