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Online fundraising jumps 66% in 2010 for Kidney Research UK

Statistics released by our customer, Kidney Research UK, show significant growth in its online fundraising, from January to June 2010, as their online donations reached £360,000, an increase of £145,000 (66%) versus the first half of 2009.

This is an outstanding performance in a very tough economic environment,” says Peter Storey, Director of Marketing at Kidney Research UK. “The growth in our online fundraising has contributed to our ability to release more funds for vital research projects.”

Kidney Research UK uses a variety of online fundraising methods but the biggest increase in 2010 has come via their own branded integrated event registration and online fundraising pages.  “A key part of our brand building strategy is helped by promoting own branded fundraising pages provided by AltaContact.” Storey advises. 

“71% of our online fundraising revenue is now from our own pages which is a fantastic achievement.  It means that we are improving how we deliver our message and building direct relationships with our supporters. This strategy is yielding the results we were seeking.”


Source: Kidney Research UK July 2010

“It’s vital,” Peter Storey continues, “that in these difficult times charities effectively use the tools at their disposal and analyse what works best for them.”

“For the first time we are in sight of raising £1m online. This may come as early as 2011 based on the hard work we and AltaContact are putting in. When you consider that our total online voluntary income was around £0.3m as recently as 2007, these are huge strides forward.” Peter Storey concludes.

Kidney Research UK are successfully utilising our FUSE online fundraising software - find out how we can help you to increase online donations too.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 August 2010 )

Sue Ryder Care increased online event registrations and donations using own branded pages

Sue Ryder Care used the FUSE™ charity event registration and online fundraising software platform provided by AltaContact, and successfully increased its online donations by making two simple changes to its processes.

Firstly, in selected Midnight Walk events which used the FUSE™ online event registration software there was an increase of 100% in the number of paying registrants who set up and received donations to their Sue Ryder Care fundraising pages.

Secondly by introducing prompts to donors giving to personal fundraising pages the average donation value increased by 17%. These results were provided in an A/B split test donors applied to live online fundraising pages.

Craig Linton, Head of Stewardship at Sue Ryder Care said: “We’re delighted with the results. The process of providing our own branded online fundraising pages as part of event registration overcomes a known problem for charities. Like other charities, we lost many potential fundraisers when there's a break between completing the event application and setting up a fundraising page on a different and separate website."

"Also to increase the average value of donations by 17% without any effort or cost is massive boost." 

John Samuel, Managing Director of AltaContact Ltd, commented “As Sue Ryder Care says, the integration of event registration and online charity brand fundraising pages can make a big difference to fundraising totals."

"Split testing on live fundraising pages provides real evidence for long term decisions and can save £000's over non live market research. It's our job to provide these and more opportunities to all charities."

For more information about how your charity can benefit talk to us about online event registration and fundraising software solutions

For further information about Sue Ryder Care, please visit

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 August 2012 )

Kidney Research UK has success in running own brand fundraising pages

Evidence at Kidney Research UK shows that charities can successfully run their own branded online fundraising pages alongside third party branded fundraising pages. 

Kidney Research UK has done this since January 2009. 

Charles Kernahan, CEO of medical research charity Kidney Research UK says, “My priority is to get our brand name and cause in front of as many people as possible. Having our own branded fundraising pages is part of this effort. The actions of our supporters, borne out by the financial results, show that they support this strategy too.” 

By Q3 2009 77% of donation value from online fundraising pages came from Kidney Research UK fundraising pages compared to third party branded fundraising pages. This was an increase from 9% in Q1 to 46% in Q2. (Source: Kidney Research UK Oct 2009).

The Kidney Research UK fundraising pages are hosted on AltaContact's online fundraising and event registration platform. The platform enables charities to run their own branded fundraising pages. AltaContact is not a third party fundraiser so all money goes directly to each charity's bank account and each charity owns all its fundraiser and donor data.

For more information about how your charity can benefit, talk to us about our online fundraising software solutions.

For more information about Kidney Research UK visit

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 August 2010 )
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