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Charity Event Registration

Charity event registration and online fundraising pages integrated for cost effectiveness.

Quite reasonably charities want quick and easy to complete event registration forms to reduce the chances of anyone not completing the event application process. The belief is once the participant is registered you can then market “How to become a fundraiser” to them, in the hope that they bring in more revenue than their event entry fee alone.

This two-phase approach could mean you are missing out on converting event participants into vital fundraisers. 

The FUSE™ integrated event registration and online personal fundraising page set up means that in one simple process your entrants automatically become your fundraisers, armed with their own personal fundraising page.

The event registration and integrated online fundraising module provides:

  • a control panel for charities to set up event details and application forms
  • automatic URL generation for each event so you can publish the event on any website or use the URL anywhere with a direct link to the application form
  • full reporting of people entered, team members, fees paid etc
  • capacity counters so events are not over subscribed
  • automatically generated charity branded fundraising pages ready for the event entrant to use as soon as they have completed their event registration.

The advanced control panel for event set up permits charities to: include merchandise; have variable pricing for different categories of application; set mandatory fields; add drops down selections, text fields and include special messages to event entrants. 

The event entry and fundraising process is simple:

  1. Your event participant completes an event entry form
  2. Then completes the personal fundraising page details
  3. Pays for their event entry 
  4. Sends out the details of their new fundraising page to family, friends and colleagues.

The benefits to the charity include:

  • automating manual process for event entries
  • the assurance that all your event entrants have your charity branded fundraising page
  • statistics to track each event entrant’s activities from sign up through to completion of fundraising for the event
  • event participant data can be seamlessly integrated with your fundraiser/donor database.

The benefits to charity event participants include:

  • event registration and online fundraising page set up all in one place, in one simple process
  • a fundraising account which can hold all their events with the charity
  • news feeds from the charity on their fundraising account highlighting new fundraising events and special appeals.

Contact us to find out more about integrated event registration and online fundraising.

Corporate Fundraising Partners

Assist your corporate fundraising partners and their employees to be successful in fundraising

One barrier to success is the challenge corporate fundraising partners face when trying to administer fundraising events in a cost effective way.  For example, when a corporate partner is setting up a Dragon Boat event or an Abseil, they can find it quite daunting. This can result in expensive outsourcing or even the event idea being abandoned altogether. 

AltaContact provides charities with a white label online event registration and fundraising platform. Charities can make this available to corporate fundraising partners absolutely free of charge and knock down potential barriers to successful fundraising.

Alzheimer's Society and Capita


AltaContact works with Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Scotland to provide jointly branded website for their partnership with Capita. See the content managed site at Alzheimer's Society & Capita

The online event registration and fundraising platform for corporate partners includes:

  • a control panel to set up event details and application forms
  • the facility to publish event and online event registration forms on company websites and intranets
  • full reporting of people entered, team members, fees paid etc
  • jointly branded online fundraising pages
  • scoreboards for corporate partners to show on their website and intranet how teams and individuals’ fundraising is progressing

The benefits to each charity are clear:

  • the platform helps you to make your corporate partner more effective in their event organisation and fundraising
  • instant feedback on how your corporate partner is progressing in filling new events
  • a complete view on how fundraising totals are progressing

Contact us to start helping your corporate fundraising partner make fundraising even more successful.

Charity iPhone App Development

How can iPhone App Development help your Charity?

Charities can use iPhone apps in many different ways and a few are already harnessing this exciting new medium.

For example, medical charities like the National Society for Epilepsy are using iPhone apps to give information on medical conditions. And Water Aid have developed an iPhone app to provide helpful information and to promote fundraising through their ToiletFinder app.

Other charities, are using iphone apps as part of a multi-platform fundraising drive, a good example here was the Haiti earthquake disaster who saw good results utilising this method.

Charity iPhone Apps can be developed to suit any number of needs.

You can create truly interactive awareness of your brand. For example set up a new app with a game related theme to promote your cause. Or ceate an app for your latest campaigns which opens up a new way  to motivate existing fundraisers and donors, keeping them informed and engaged.

The range of the iPhone’s features mean that you can create truly touchy feely applications to engage users.  In much the same way social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to reach out to your community, iPhone apps also allow you to communicate with your community in an engaging and innovative way.

There are many benefits for charity management too.  For example iPhone apps can be used to deliver facts and figures 24 x 7  so management is kept up to date and informed before making decisions.

At AltaContact our experienced iPhone app developers work with you to create interesting, appropriate and profitable apps.

Contact us to find out more about charity iphone app development

Online Fundraising Software

Online Fundraising Software

Help your fundraisers reach their targets! 

The Fuse™  online fundraising solution was developed in consultation with charity event and fundraising managers who identified a series of needs when considering online fundraising software.  These needs included: methods to increase donations and the value of donations, maintaining control of their brand and messaging, and having simple and fast set up with features that reduce admin effort.

Thus we created Fuse™ as a feature rich, combined online fundraising and charity event registration solution which can be fully customised to deliver an outstanding experience of your charities brand, plus easily integrate into your back office systems, such as donor databases etc. 

Plus as FUSE™ can be completely integrated to your charity website (mirroring your brand and messaging) your charity has direct control of the platform.  Your donor’s money goes direct into your charity’s bank account without any intervention or delays.

Key Functions of Our Online Fundraising Software:

  • Online Event Registration & Personal Event Pages Set Up
  • Online Fundraising Pages
  • In Tribute & Books of Remembrance
  • Corporate Partners – Making it easier to work with you

 Find out more about: 


Clients include:

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The Anthony Nolan Trust  

Kidney Research UK

Charity Websites to Viral games, we've got it covered!

Encourage visitors to your charity website

images.jpegIt's obvious but true. You will only get people to your website if they know about it. You need to maximise your online exposure. 

To achieve high ranking on search engines such as Google you need well planned and optimised pages with interesting and informative content.  Your website shouldn't be a static archive of what you have achieved, but an up to date record of what you are achieving. 

  • TOP TIP: Build links IN to your website from as many other respected websites as possible and you will slowly climb the search engine rankings. Type in link:[yourwebsite] e.g to see how many other websites are linking to yours.

AltaContact will help you optimise your webpages and climb the rankings.

Call AltaContact today on 01234 360001 or fill in the form below.

Donation Processing For Charities

Donation processing for Charities  

approvedAltaContact provides charities with lower costs for managing and processing donations.    

Our online secure payment solution enables you to accept and manage direct debit, credit and debit card payments easily, quickly and cost effectively.

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 The Stroke Association choose AltaContact as new online fundraising partner
Kidney Research UK increases online donations by 66% with AltaContact
Anthony Nolan utilise event registration and online fundraising
Naomi House chooses AltaContact over third-party branded systems

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