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Calling all Charity Fundraisers!

Do you want more of the money you raise to go to your chosen charity? Then you need a choice.

Calling all Charity Donors!

Do you want more of your hard earned cash to go to your chosen charity? Then you need a choice.

Calling all Charities!

Would you like to give your donors the choice?

ACT NOW! What can I do?

Fundraisers and donors: If you want to let your preferred charity know that you'd like a chocie of fundraisng page please complete the form at the bottom of this page with your personal message.

About Us

AltaContact's mission is to enable charities to raise more donors' £s online and retain more of every donor's £.

We provide an online platform for charities to setup their own branded fundraising pages and take money directly into their own bank account. 

Benefits to Charities

  • Cuts charities costs versus third party brands like by around 40%-50%
  • No deductions from Gift Aid
  • Money directly into each charity's bank*

* Charity must have/setup an Internet Merchant Account

Fundraiser/Donor Contact Form


Privacy Policy:  Your name and contact details will not be passed to any 3rd party except to the charity you nominate. Your details will not be used in any other way by AltaContact Ltd. AltaContact Ltd will remove your contact details after forwarding your email to your chosen charity. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 November 2008 )
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We're proud to be working with:

 The Stroke Association choose AltaContact as new online fundraising partner
Kidney Research UK increases online donations by 66% with AltaContact
Anthony Nolan utilise event registration and online fundraising
Naomi House chooses AltaContact over third-party branded systems

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